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Yellow Nicker – Florida Wildflowers Wednesday

It’s Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday! The flower of the week is the Yellow Nicker. This flower is a native perennial, also known as Caesalpinia bonduc (botanical name). As the name suggests, this wildflower is part of the bean and pea family, and packs a mean stick for those curious to touch. A resilient climbing plant blooms fragrant yellow flowers in the fall and summer with vicious prickly pods up to three inches in diameter. According to the experts, we find this vine type wildflower spreading coastal areas and forests in central and southern Florida. With thick, strong stalks, the Yellow Nicker likes to spread into shrub layers along the ground but will climb trees up to 15 feet. Below is a similar pod (Gray Nicker) found on the Yellow Nicker. Ouch!

To read more about the difference between a weed and a wildflower, try Wildflower and Weeds – What’s the Difference.

The Yellow Nicker has thorn filled branches, leaving any passerby a lasting memory. The pods are perfect hitchhikers, spreading seed far and wide.

Yellow nicker pods wildflower
Yellow Flowers of Florida – Gray Nicker Pods

If you want to learn more about Florida wildflowers, you can start here, Florida’s Native Wildflowers | Florida Wildflower Foundation ( Check back next week for another Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday!

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