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Spiderwort – Florida Wildflowers Wednesday

It’s Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday! The flower of the week is Spiderwort. This exotic-looking grass type perennial, also known as Tradescantia ohiensis (botanical name) is native to Florida and one of nine other species in the Spiderwort family. According to the experts, we find this plant in wet sites, but mostly in meadows, fields, and the dense wooded lands. In the spring and summer months, this wildflower brightens the landscape with blooms in the morning that can wilt a few hours later from the heat of midday sun. Be on the lookout in early morning hours to catch blooms of blue and sometimes pink or white. The Spiderwort wildflower stands up to 24 inches with surrounding grass leaves averaging 15 inches. The Spiderwort’s natural exotic appearance will fill in disturbed lands and roadsides with tall clumps of green beauty. Stretching strong roots in unexpected places.

Fun fact – the name ‘Spider’ comes from the weblike stringy sap that stretch from the plants leaves when ripped. ‘Wort’ is an Old-English name (wyrt) meaning ‘plant.’

If you want to learn more about Florida wildflowers, you can start here, Florida’s Native Wildflowers | Florida Wildflower Foundation ( Check back next week for another Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday!

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