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Weekly soap making articles providing tips, how-to’s, photos, recipes, and more.

Established in October 2021, Modest Wildflower is a blog focusing on natural handmade soaps using ethically sourced ingredients, minus the chemicals, and zero waste packaging. If we make it, we also share our experiences with others who may want to learn how to make soap too. Natural ingredients are a way of life for us. That’s why we also write about personal wellness and wildflowers. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Natural Handmade Soap

essential oil in soap making juniper berry

Essential Oil in Soap Making – Juniper Berry

Soap making has endless possibility when adding essential oils. Whether it’s included for scent or skin loving properties, essential oils are fun to mix and match or leave one to stand strong on its own. The Juniper Berry adds a nice woody scent in soap making. Clean and earthy! Essential oil is not the same […]

How to Dry Bath Bombs Quickly

So you’ve made the bath bombs but now you need to dry them quickly. There are a couple common methods out there that you can try. Depending on your location, some methods may work better for you than others. We’ve experimented with all three of the methods below. In each method, we will explain the […]

equipment and tools for beginner soap making

Equipment and Tools for Soap Making

New to soap making? Wondering what tools and equipment you need to start with? Trying something new can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only are new soap makers learning the basics, but we must also grasp the unfamiliar elements too. What oils are best? Hot process soap or cold process soap? […]

natural shampoo bar

Natural Shampoo Bar

Have you ever tried a natural shampoo bar or natural handmade soap? Tired of your liquid shampoo leaving your hair dull or frizzy, stripped of good oils and nutrients? The shampoo bar is not a new concept. In fact, shampoo began in ancient times when people began gathering the extracts of herbs and eventually combining […]


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