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Nature and Personal Wellness

How can nature improve personal wellness? When’s the last time you connected with nature? Surrounding yourself with nature is a top wellness activity everyone can benefit from. Nature is peaceful and an important part of life. The benefits are one to consider, especially for personal well-being and mental health. In nature, we can find clarity, de-stress opportunity, and quiet time. Also, health experts recommend spending time in nature because it can lower blood pressure, improve mental health, and awaken the senses.

Beyond a picnic or short walk through a park, we’ve compiled a short list of unique ideas to connect with nature even more. Each idea encourages expanding connection with something important in our life. If you’re looking to revive your love of nature or find peace after a stressful week, consider trying something new.

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Nature Improves Personal Wellness

Grab a native wildflower guide book and take samples

Become more knowledgeable about native plants in your area by using a guidebook. Many local bookstores and libraries carry plenty of guidebooks on local nature and animals. Before you take that next hike, pick up a local guidebook and connect with nature differently. A guidebook will allow you to determine exactly what that beautiful wildflower really is. Look for a guidebook that is categorized by color for easier discovery. This is a significant activity for children as well. Turn the adventure into a nature experiment by collecting small samples of the flower for drying. Dried wildflowers are fun and have many later uses, such as drawing, shading, or making your own artisan paper.

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Nature hike with sound recorder

Using a sound recorder is a favorite of mine. If you are able, invest in an audio recorder designed for nature. There are many options available. Some can be expensive, but there are many cheaper alternatives that still get the job done. When you are out in nature and find a suitable spot to take a break, pull out the sound recorder and record nature around you while you rest. After a recording adventure, listening back to the sounds of nature is incredibly satisfying. Sometimes you’ll find that you captured unnoticed noises while sitting there. The sound of tiny insects, the flow of water, and the call of birds. To help get you started, you can begin research with the Zoom H1n Handy Recorder.

If you ‘re looking for instant results to dive deep into the sounds of nature, connect a set of headphones as you record and close your eyes.

Observation journal session in a national or state park

National and state parks are a great way to get out of the hustle of everyday life. Most parks are day use and require a small fee for entrance. The fee is well worth giving to save our natural resources. Grab your journal and a pair of binoculars before your next day trip. Finding a sweet spot within a national or state park isn’t hard either. You could prop yourself on a fallen tree or lay a blanket down and begin your nature observations.

Study after study has shown that the human brain and body both react to nature in ways that enhance our sense of connection, reduce pain, help fight anxiety and allow us to experience a deep sense of calm.

– Mother Earth Living

There isn’t a special way to journal while watching. Allow yourself to write whatever comes to mind. Annotate the behavior of a butterfly, the communication and interaction of a group of birds, how the insects skim the water, or the way the trees sway in the wind. What do you hear, see, and smell? How do you feel at the moment? A relaxing experience with notes that you can return to again and again.

Nature’s photography diary – find the tiny

This one requires a camera. No, you don’t need any fancy equipment to get the most of this activity either. Sometimes less is more. For your next trip into nature, be sure to bring a method for capturing photos and focus in on smaller details that go unnoticed. Nature is amazing and has wonderful characteristics right in front of you. Hidden shapes are among the thick trees, grassy fields, and water sources. Instead of capturing photos of a large area, capture the tiny.

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Zoom in on the bark of a tree, and the leaves or moss that trail the ground or branches. Focus on the marching ants, the animal prints in the soil, the algae that skims the lakeside. A hollow space in a fallen or standing tree, the exposed roots, or the seeds of a drying plant. There are so many shapes and unique features that deserve attention. Once you capture a few, turn these into a photography diary to share with others or keep to yourself.

Spend time with nature

Nature is a wonderful way to find clarity, healing, and understanding when everything else is complicated, stressful, and just too fast. Life in every shape depends on nature. There is nothing more beautiful than spending some much needed and deserved time connecting with the Earth.

Are you a nature lover? I’d love to hear what you love most about being surrounded by nature’s beauty. Let me know in the comments and happy exploring! If you liked this post, consider reading Eco-Friendly Ideas for Healthier Living. Visit the Modest Wildflower Shop for natural soap and eco-friendly products.

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