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Natural Shampoo Bar

Have you ever tried a natural shampoo bar or natural handmade soap? Tired of your liquid shampoo leaving your hair dull or frizzy, stripped of good oils and nutrients? The shampoo bar is not a new concept. In fact, shampoo began in ancient times when people began gathering the extracts of herbs and eventually combining these with the boiled soapberries (or soap nut). This mix created a paste that was used to wash the hair. The herb extract treatment left the hair silky and full of nutrients that our hair deserves. Eventually, the term shampoo came along with this newly discovered treatment for hair. By the early 1800s, people began shaving soap bars and mixing in herb extracts to form a manageable type of shampoo. Eventually, commercial shampoo was introduced for selling to the masses.

Moving forward in time, many commercial soap products began adding the dreaded extras like sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium chloride, and this scary, unpronounceable sulfur subject, methylchloroisothiazolinone. Yikes!

Many of the ingredients in commercial shampoo are there to add additional features that’s appealing to the consumer. Some of these include hair fullness, moisturizing, or making the shampoo last forever without spoiling! Why on earth would we need our shampoo bar or bottle to last a lifetime? If we use it often enough, the natural product shouldn’t expire before you can use it up. Unless, of course, we purchase incredibly large amounts at once. Bottom line, anything derived from nature will not last forever. The entire point of natural ingredients is to bring health benefits with its use. Using a shampoo or soap that has irritants or chemicals that are known to cause allergic reactions defeats a very important purpose, cleansing and nourishing our hair or skin.

Natural shampoo bar and hair shock

Here’s a second thought if you’re on the fence with using natural shampoo bars. If someone has used regular commercial shampoo for sometime, our hair becomes accustomed to its use and properties. Switching to natural shampooing will take a small bridge of time for our hair to begin feeling better. Possibly a two-week period. Chemical packed shampoos stick to hair strands and take time to be removed. Your hair will feel a lot different while it’s getting used to a natural product. Give hair time to jump back to its natural tendencies and prepare to be amazed.

natural shampoo bar
Natural Shampoo Bar – Modest Wildflower Shop

Ph balance

In order to achieve good results with natural shampoo bars, we should include a special rinse into the hair care routine. Commercial shampoos include citric acid to help keep our hair at the right PH level with washing. The correct PH is essential for hair and skin care, even with natural soap. Since our shampoo bars include nothing that isn’t plant based, we recommend making a simple rinse to massage into the hair after your wash.

No, don’t purchase citric acid for this purpose and dump it into your hair. We can make a natural PH rinse by mixing 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water. Naturally, apple cider vinegar has a very similar PH level to our hair. Simply add the rinse and massage into the scalp after your shampoo wash. Then after it sits on the hair for a small amount of time, run fresh water over the hair and voila!

Are shampoo bars good for hair?

Natural shampooing is easy and a lot more beneficial to your locks than commercial shampoo. Removing the unnecessary chemicals that are unhealthy and strip your hair of good oils is one reason many people choose to use natural handmade shampoo bars. A natural shampoo bar weighing in at about 5 ounces can last anywhere from 2-4 months with normal use of at lease twice a week washing. If you’re in doubt, give it a try. You might just discover the benefits you’ve been missing.

We’re excited to offer natural shampoo bars soon. We pack our bars with love and nourishment. Natural hair care from nature’s ingredients. Hello rose hip oil, mango butter, and tea tree!

What does your hair care routine look like? Does it involve natural ingredients? Let me know in the comments and share any useful tips you’ve discovered along the way. Also, read about our new shop at A Modest Shop and see what makes our products different.

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