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Natural Handmade Soap – All About the Oil

What’s so unique about Modest Wildflower’s natural handmade soap? First, it’s all about the oil. Below is a list of oils used in different varieties to create that special bar of soap. Only natural, sustainable, skin loving ingredients. Carefully selected oils high in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Nothing more, nothing less. Simple is best.

H2O + NaOH + Oil = Soap

Base Oils

photo of olives on cup of olive oil

Pure Olive Oil

A light green oil produced from the olives of trees typically found in the Mediterranean. Naturally moisturizing and high in Omega-3. Antioxidant properties and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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Hemp Seed Oil

A light green oil, hemp seed oil is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant. Not to be confused with the other oils produced from the cannabis flower. Hemp seed oil does not contain THC (0.3%) or CBD. Nutty scent, naturally moisturizing and high in Omega-3 and Omega-6. Read about the health benefits at Hemp Seed Oil: Health Benefits, Nutrition, Dosage, and More (

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Rice Bran Oil

A light yellow oil produced from the hard outer layer of rice. Earthy scent and high in Vitamin E with antioxidant properties. Rice Bran oil has similar benefits to Olive Oil.

palm leaves leaning on dried wood

Babassu Oil

A white-yellow oil produced from the Brazilian Palm tree. Babassu comes from a nut that is similar to the coconut. This oil is a good alternative for those with coconut allergies. Absorbs fast into skin with high cleansing properties. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

Base Butters

food healthy apple leaf

Mango Seed Butter

A white oil produced from the mango seed. High moisturizing and absorbs well into skin. Similar to Shea and Cocoa butter, minus the greasy feel. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory properties.

sliced avocado fruit

Avocado Butter

A light green oil produced from the fruit of the avocado. Rich in minerals and vitamin A, D, and E. Super moisturizing, leaving skin smooth and nourished.

Essential Oils

Geranium Pink

Egyptian Geranium

Floral scent. Originating from Egypt. Produced from the leaves and flowers.

Clary Sage

Fresh scent. Originating from Moldova. Produced from the leaves.


Juniper Berry

Woody scent. Originating from Bosnia. Produced from the fruit. Those who are pregnant or have kidney issues should not use.

Roman Chamomile

Floral scent. Originating from the U.S. Produced from the flowers.



Fruity scent. Originating from Italy. Produced from the peel.

Modest Wildflower makes soaps with three core values in mind: must include sustainable and natural skin-loving oils, zero added chemicals or dyes, and protected and delivered in eco-friendly packaging. Read more about what makes Modest Wildflower unique at Handmade Soap by Modest Wildflower or visit the shop for natural soap and eco-friendly products.

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