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Mindfulness is Awareness

Let’s be straight. The last couple of years have been one rough ride for many. Everywhere we turn, it feels like the world is spinning in another direction, out of control and confusing. There are many things that can create stress in one’s life. But these last couple of years may have been the icing on a burnt birthday cake. With the holidays approaching, this only adds to the stress. Below are a few simple ideas to help ease the stress of daily life and get back to clarity. Mindfulness through awareness.

Although these ideas for mindfulness can’t directly solve some of the enormous problems that many of us face daily. These ideas can help you clear brain fog and face each new day with fresh eyes and a rational mind. Maybe you were already doing some of these things at the beginning of the new year and lost touch. Maybe you’ve considered these things but don’t know how or why to start. You don’t need to wait until the beginning of a new year to take charge of mindfulness. Put the brakes on now and re-evaluate your well-being through awareness.

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Journaling for Awareness and Mindfulness

There are many advantages to writing in a journal. Even a single sentence a day can help add to positive thinking and journaling is scientifically proven to improve well-being. Use journaling to get your thoughts out on paper. Use journaling to talk through a problem or decision, capture your mood, remind yourself of the things you are grateful for. Make a list, capture your dreams, visualize your future plans, put the negative thoughts on paper and leave them there. With all the different types of journaling out there, there is something for every goal and need. Journaling doesn’t have to be shared with anyone. Mindful journaling can be done on paper or through a phone or computer application. However, the physical action of putting pen to paper has enormous benefits.

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Read Philosophy for Mindfulness and Awareness

I’m specifying philosophy because this exact subject speaks to life questioning, interpreting values, and finding clarity to many perplexing issues most humans face each day. To share, I currently have two books on my ‘to read’ list before Christmas. These books are a great start to other recommended goldmines and can help us reach mindfulness and awareness. All perspectives on life can open new doors to understanding and reading is one way to open creativity and add relaxation.

  • Sophies World by Jostein Gaarder – An old but very interesting book. This book reaches into the depths of understanding the basics of the meaning of philosophy.

Nature Walk for Clarity and Awareness

Nature provides opportunity for mindfulness, personal well-being, and awareness on a deep level. Taking a walk requires nothing but you and a place. Use this as an opportunity to clear your mind, add some heart healthy exercise, and possibly find answers to questions that may have been adding weight to your shoulders. The fresh air and peaceful sounds are good for the soul.

To get you started on finding the next new walk through nature, give AllTrails: Trail Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping, and Running | AllTrails a try.

Meditation for Refocus

Even if you’ve never meditated before or have zero interest in committing to the long haul, meditation is smaller chunks can be beneficial to the mind. There are many forms of meditation that don’t always have to include sitting for hours in one place or practicing yoga. We can find mindfulness and awareness through a simple walk, sitting on a park bench, or listening to a few relaxing songs with noise blocking headphones. Meditate and focus on your thoughts, goals, decisions, and dreams. Bring clarity and peace through refocusing the mind with all of your attention. A peaceful setting will help you get there. A place where you feel relaxed. This can be anywhere, using any method. There is no wrong way, so long as the goal is clear. Small moments of focus can bring enormous benefits.

Mindfulness is awareness, and awareness can bring clarity. Find something new or re-open the habit that may have been lost. How do you practice mindfulness? Read Nature and Personal Wellness for more ideas on growth.

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