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How to Dry Bath Bombs Quickly

So you’ve made the bath bombs but now you need to dry them quickly. There are a couple common methods out there that you can try. Depending on your location, some methods may work better for you than others. We’ve experimented with all three of the methods below. In each method, we will explain the pros and cons and what steps you can take to complete it. We make oil-based Chamomile Cloud bath bombs, which are a little more troublesome for drying because of the extremely moisturizing oils and butters. Depending on your recipe, one or another method may work best. Living in Florida and attempting to dry oil-based bath bombs during the summer months is a bit of a challenge. Discover a perfect method below!

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Air dry method to dry bath bombs

Air drying is probably the most common method available, but definitively not the quickest process to dry bath bombs. Once the bath bombs are complete and ready for drying, place the bath bombs on a sheet of wax or parchment paper and leave them in the open air. Even propping a fan that’s centered toward the bombs may lessen the drying time.


  • Requires no additional tools
  • No additional cost
  • Non-oil based bath bombs dry as they should


  • Can take two or more days for drying completion
  • Bombs are open to elements and accidental touching
  • Oil-based bath bombs take significantly longer than average two days
  • Uses up space for two days

Oven method

Oven drying comes in as the most common method to dry bombs quickly, but can be expensive. This method requires you to prepare a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Use the center rack and bake the bath bombs on the lowest temperature for 1-6 hours. Once complete, remove the bath bombs and allow to cool completely before packaging or personal use.


  • Lovely smell fills the home
  • Bombs dry in 1-6 hours
  • Dry as many bath bombs that can fit on one tray


  • Oven must be set at lowest temperature and some ovens cannot go low enough
  • Uses a lot of electricity or natural gas
  • Risks expanding bombs – bombs lose their shape
  • Removes oven availability for actual cooking (plan ahead)
  • Limited oven space available

Dehydrator method

Our favorite method to dry oil-based bath bombs quickly is the dehydrator method. Not only will the dehydrator beat the oven in power usage, a dehydrator reaches the required temperature level. A dehydrator is a simple cost-effective tool with huge benefits. Depending on the size of the bombs, cutting some of the tray’s plastic grate lining may be necessary to expand height availability. Line each tray with parchment paper or use the fruit tray liner to keep bath bombs from getting permanent lines on the bottom. Set the temperature at 125 degrees and dry for 3-6 hours. Allow to cool completely before packaging or personal use.


  • Dries oil-based bath bombs in 3-6 hours
  • Reaches desired temperature level
  • Lovely smell fills the home
  • Low power usage
  • Ability to dry many bath bombs at one time


  • Limited height of bath bomb will fit in dehydrator
  • Investment cost anywhere from $30-$100
  • May require cutting of trays
bath bombs dry in dehydrator dry bath bombs quickly
Dehydrator used for drying bath bombs. Bombs pictured are 1.5 inches high with room to spare.

The Nesco FD-79 Snackmaster Pro Dehydrator

If you’re interested in which type of dehydrator to research, we use the Nesco FD-79 Snackmaster Pro. There are plenty of other options available at lower costs, but we found this dehydrator to meet our needs for simple function and controls, low tray count, reachable temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit, quiet fan, and an auto timer.

Of course, a dehydrator may not be right for all bath bomb makers. For us, oil-based bath bombs and humidity are two elements that do not play well. The dehydrator steps in and makes drying a lot easier and less time-consuming.

What kind of bath bombs have you made and how do you dry them? Check out this homemade oil based bath bomb recipe that uses rose kaolin clay and skin loving butters for the ultimate bath experience.

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