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Handmade Soap by Modest Wildflower

Who us? Make soap? Yes! We’ve been experimenting with handmade soap for over 12 years and have finally decided to share the love of natural soap. We know what you might be thinking. Oh no, here comes another bona fide self-taught home chemist ready to sell the best soap in the world! Right? Before you run, let us explain three core values that are important to every batch created by Modest Wildflower. Eco-friendly, no dyes or chemicals, and zero waste packaging. If this sounds like something important to you too, follow our journey and try some modest bubbles yourself. Soap and other eco-friendly products are available at the Modest Shop.

Soap Fact – The term ‘Soap Cake’ or ‘Cake Soap’ was originally used around the mid-16th century to describe a bar of soap because of the resemblance to a piece of cake!

Handmade soap and core values

General soap making is a straightforward process. Some may say it’s easy and incredibly addicting. We agree with addicting. For us, the process was all about perfecting the batch. Trial and error, review and re-do, and some serious properties analysis. Yes, we dig deep into the science side. We’ve experimented with different oil characteristics, essential oils, and of course, colorant. However, there were some very important factors that applied directly to each soap batch which probably amplified the constant re-analysis over the years.

First, we’re extremely conscious of the safety of wildlife and the environmental effects of making any product. This contributed a lot to the need of making handmade soap. We never use an oil that is damaging to the environment such as Palm oil or a fatty oil derived from animals. Nope! This removes quite a few popular oils, but the possibilities remained endless. Read more about the harmful effects of Palm oil at Why You Should Avoid Palm Oil, and How to Do it – One Green Planet.

Second, color is pleasant and adds an element of creativity in soap making. The color options are open to many however, we only use natural colors that come entirely from plants, minerals, herbs, or vegetables. Sure, our soaps will never be bold and bright, but this is a value we are proud to stick with. Read a little more on natural colorant options we love to use in Natural Color for Handmade Soap.

egyptian geranium and rose clay handmade soap
Handmade Soap by Modest Wildflower

Last, we keep our soaps close to nature. Raw and beautiful, with no unnecessary chemicals or dyes. Sure, soaps out there have the wow factor. Some may last an eternity in your linen closet. But reality is, anything created by natural ingredients is meant to and will degrade. That’s the way it is. This doesn’t mean a natural bar of soap is a waste of money, it simply means the soap should be used within a certain time period and cared for.

Side note – To extend the life of a natural bar, leave unused soap in a dark, cool storage area away from sunlight with plenty of room to breathe. Also, while using a natural bar of soap, never leave it to sit in standing water, such as a soap dish, without proper drainage. These two factors are the most important to keep in mind if you want to enjoy a natural bar of soap for as long as possible.


Another element to our patience in selling natural soap was eco-friendly packaging. Plastic is destroying our planet and killing animals everywhere at an alarming rate. Finding eco-friendly packaging is a major core value. If we can’t send you the natural soap in natural, bi-degradable, re-usable, or recyclable packaging, we won’t send it. Sending a beautiful bar of natural soap wrapped in plastic defeats the purpose and makes no sense.

More and more eco-friendly businesses are coming online now, making this transition easier for us to accomplish, also from a budget standpoint. Before now, material that was truly safe for the environment was expensive. Honestly, some companies will say it’s eco-friendly, only to find in the small print, 60% is from recycled or consumer waste material. That’s not good enough! If eco-friendly is important to you or your business, read the fine print carefully and request explanation if terms don’t add up.

Beautifully raw

Finally, over the years, we have experimented with many oils and have settled on a few that meet the above criteria but are also good for you. Who doesn’t love a soap that is filled to the brim with good oils that love you back? Now is better than any to say enough with the products on the market that are cheap, full of toxic ingredients, and mass produced in a way that damages the environment. That’s not eco-friendly. If you are interested and willing to learn, you could begin making your own soap. Or, if kitchen chemistry isn’t your forte, give Modest Wildflower soaps a try.

We make all Modest Wildflower soap cakes in tiny batches and hand cut, one by one. Each bar is weighed, tested, and wrapped in re-usable and recyclable material. That means zero waste. Everything from the linen that holds the bar safe to the package that arrives at your door. Absolutely safer for the environment.

So that’s it. A little background on our new venture. We’re proud of where we’ve come into this process and even more excited to share our beautiful natural soap with others!

Simple is best.

Do you make or sell handmade soap? We’d love to connect. Let us know below and follow Modest Wildflower for more inspiring posts!

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