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Florida Wildflowers Wednesday – Feay’s Prairie Clover

It’s Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday! The flower of the week is Feay’s Prairie Clover. This beautiful perennial shrub, also known as Dalea feayi (botanical name), is native to Florida. According to the experts, sometimes found in lower Georgia counties. Above all, a beauty to witness in bloom and large scattered clusters. The mound like plant has many flowery puff balls in shades of pink, purple and white. The flower balls attract bees and other important pollinators. This wildflower likes to grow in areas of dense shrubs and sand-hills. With small woody stems and thin shrub density, those busy eyes watching the skies easily miss this flower’s beauty.

The quiet clover hides patiently within sight. Awaiting the moment we touch in delight. Woody stems stretch high for someone to care. When bumbling wings race in to calm its despair.

– Rannae D

If you want to learn more about Florida wildflowers, you can start here, Florida’s Native Wildflowers | Florida Wildflower Foundation ( Check back next week for another Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday!

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