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Florida Tasselflower – Florida Wildflowers Wednesday

It’s Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday! The flower of the week is the Florida Tasselflower. This flower is a butterfly loving non-native perennial, also known as Emilia fosbergii (botanical name). Particularly, the Florida Tasselflower is a naturalized variety throughout many southern states. A resilient plant blooming red disks year-round on top of lengthy stems. According to the experts, we find beautiful disk cluster blooms in sunny and dry disturbed areas. Spreading quick among fields, forests, and roadsides. Although the flower heads are relatively small, the stalks grow tall, thin, and droopy, reaching a height of 30 inches. Specifically, the plant is considered a weed. However, a wonderful bright treat for local insects and clearly taking no time at all to fill in the landscape.

To read more about the difference between a weed and a wildflower, try Wildflower and Weeds – What’s the Difference.

The Florida Tasselflower gets its name from the red blooms wrapped in a tight green glove. Resembling that of the tassels found on a throw pillow.

If you want to learn more about Florida wildflowers, you can start here, Florida’s Native Wildflowers | Florida Wildflower Foundation ( Check back next week for another Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday!

Florida Tasselflower red wildflower
Red Flowers of Florida – Florida Tasselflower

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