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Everyday Inspiration

Modest Wildflower; a place of everyday inspiration for natural handmade products and living green.

Hi, I’m Rannae, the creator behind Modest Wildflower, bringing inspiration to all about clean living and simple eco-friendly products. The quest for healthier personal care products began years ago. As a curious, free-spirited, nature enthusiast, I focused my attention on little things we could change now. This meant little things that not only brought value and impact, but were also simple to stick with long term.

Through a lot of research, trials, and experimenting, we’re now focused more than ever on making safe soaps that use ethically sourced ingredients, minimizing waste, and empowering others to protect the environment. These are the small changes we want to share. As small as they may seem, minor changes can make a big impact.

In a field of roses, be the wildflower.

Everyday Inspiration Goals

We focus value on clean living by paying close attention to what products we put on our skin and what ingredients are in those products. We seek alternative methods to take care of the environment and remove toxic ingredients entirely.

Through these focus areas, we’ve found a passion for natural handmade soap and simple eco-friendly habits and tools. Modest Wildflower is about sharing joy for an improved life. Even minor changes matter. Healthy, natural living ideas are meant to be shared.

What you’ll find

  • Discussion and step-by-step posts to inspire you to ‘make it yourself’
  • How-to’s, recipes, and lessons learned on natural handmade soap
  • Weekly quick reads on wildflowers and fresh oils to inspire and educate
  • Shop updates on handmade soap and other natural products we make and stand behind

We’re on this journey to share simple and meaningful clean living changes we can all benefit from. Building knowledge and empowerment, by making it yourself, shopping green, and living better every day.

Welcome to Modest Wildflower and Happy Creating!

What are you doing right now to improve your life? Let me know in the comments, then make your way over to the store or blog to discover what we’ve been cooking up! Don’t forget to subscribe in order to receive awesome content as soon as it’s released.

Rannae D

An artisan and writer.

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