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Maximize Small Crafting Space

How much crafting space do you really need? In fact, no matter what your crafting thrill is, a dedicated space can open the window to inspiration and will just make us feel good. But you don’t need a separate room or an enormous home to maximize your small crafting space. Sure, we’ve all spent some time on Pinterest finding beautiful ideas for crafting rooms that could inspire our inner dreams. However, there are many of us that enjoy crafting but do not have an empty room to dedicate to crafting. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

There are many ways that even those with limited square footage can maximize small crafting space and make it something you’re excited to create in. With this in mind, remove the idea that a dedicated small space must have its own four walls or even a door. Above all, get creative with what you have and don’t limit yourself to a specific room. Perhaps your home currently has extra floor and wall space in the living or dining room. Maybe there is an extra large closet or an unused outdoor shed cluttered with rusting paint cans and pool toys. When we stop focusing on what a ‘normal’ space is supposed to be, we can find opportunity right in front of us.

Where to maximize small crafting space?

There isn’t a written rule that states we cannot share the crafting space with other dedicated rooms. The most important step is finding floor space and inspiration in existing rooms. Look at the other rooms you have and think about new possibility to maximize the small space you already have. For instance, there may be necessary changes to a space you already have. Maybe rearrange the furniture in the living room to open up a corner. Move the dining table to one end or side of the room to open up an unused area. Is there an outdoor shed worth considering a little purge and clean up? Do you have a walk-in closet that’s mostly used as storage or lined with clothes you barely wear? Maybe the master bedroom is large enough and a little rearranging can open up a wall with a window. Who doesn’t love a good window view when practicing our craft?

Sometimes we have to make the most of what we already have

Consider every room you have and share the wealth. Creating a shared crafting space doesn’t mean you have to enclose it either. Making additions to maximize a space is an idea, but if that’s not in your budget or time, it isn’t necessary. Changing a common area and adding your crafting space has its perks too. This could be an area that you already spend a lot of time in with other people and will allow you to share your work in progress more often. If crafting is important in your life, why hide yourself away?

The table top

All crafting areas require some type of working table top. If your space and the crafting category will allow, consider a table with depth greater than the standard desk. A table with greater depth will also provide larger working space and more room for storage bins, books, or supplies. Not only will the top of a table with greater depth provide extra space on top, this is true for underneath too. The area under the table will open new possible storage space through the use of a rolling cart, drawers, or bins. Also, a variable table is a great option for the ability to raise and lower its surface. Not to mention, it gives you more freedom to move around more while crafting. Using one table that can serve dual purposes will maximize space.

Get vertical to maximize all available space

At the same time, think vertically. Vertical storage is essential to small spaces. Finding creative ways to use the wall nearby can create a fun and interesting environment. Not only will additional shelves provide extra craft storage, there are many unique products on the market that allow for hanging storage on the wall. From wood, plastic, and fabric, anyone can find useful and creative storage options. For those budget conscious crafters, repurposing used unique objects can be fun. Take a trip to the local flea market or yard sale for a one of a kind find.

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Equally important, an area commonly ignored for storage is the vast ceiling space. Look up to maximize the small crafting space! To make use of all options, the ceiling is sometimes available (renters) for storage with a powerful advantage. There are many storage options out on the market meant for hanging directly from the beams in a ceiling. To keep the space airy and open, consider hanging racks to allow a unique appearance. A rack is not too difficult to install and once in place, it can store objects that are not used every day but often enough to keep nearby.

Unconventional thinking

Finding creative ways to use a certain product unconventionally for more space can be fun. Consider using a ceiling pot rack or a ceiling clothing hanger as a method for storage in your small space. Below is an idea I love; repurposing a bed spring. Repurposing is great use of an item that may have been disposed of and opens up many more options. Have an old door or garden trellis that’s no longer used? Consider it a unique DIY weekend project and beautiful addition to the new crafting space.

Another potential vertical option is using a nearby door. If your craft room is near a closet and the door allows, look into hanging door storage. Depending on the type of items to be stored, a cloth shoe rack, hanging closet storage bins, or a hanging metal spice rack over the door can be very useful.

Organize that closet

Declutter that closet that is rarely used. If you have a closet space packed full of everything that doesn’t have a purposeful home of its own, its time to declutter. Taking advantage of closet space can accomplish two things, open up room for dedicated storage, and removing items you’ve probably been avoiding for a reason. Although this task can seem daunting at first, if it’s the space you’re after, the reward pays immediately. And now you have motivation!

Organizing all the tools, toys, and equipment we use for crafting can open up more space. Purge what you don’t need or use and organize the items you do. Who doesn’t love cute boxes, totes, and small plastic or glass containers? I’ve found that storage bins and a handy label maker go far. I love adding a label to the front of those bins for a quick glance find.

The “new” crafting space awaits

Coming up with creative options for a space that’s already used in your home is huge. Not only will a crafting space become your new favorite place, looking at the process unconventionally will help you pull together something you may have been blind to. We shouldn’t frown if we can’t design a single dedicated crafting room due to lack of free square footage. Sometimes we have to make the most of what we already have.

If you love crafting, you deserve a solid space that makes you happy and isn’t hard to work in. Vertical space, decluttering, and keeping an open mind with sharing the craft space with another may be all you need.

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