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Natural Artisan Soap

What’s natural artisan soap? A bar that is made by hand with natural ingredients. A bar of soap should be healthy and enjoyable to use. That’s the primary focus of all soap created by Modest Wildflower. Founded by a health conscious, nature enthusiast. Modest Wildflower was born from a lifelong obsession with finding alternatives for cleaner personal care products that are safe and ethically sourced. Shop is open. Visit the shop at

Juniper Berry and Purple Brazilian Clay is natural artisan soap

Galaxy Berry

There is a pocket deep in the forest of Bosnia that opens to a blanket of stars. Timbers of Spruce and Fir secretly climb to the heavens, casting gentle shadows on worldly spaces. Dense shrubs of Juniper Berry shine like foil, one’s heart is tiny against the soil. Stars brighten the night, as billions of Galaxy Berries cast streaks of light.

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Bergamot and Turmeric Soap is natural artisan soap

Golden Harvest

There is a harvest upon us in the not so far orchards of Italy. Lush greenery swayed by a gentle warm summer breeze. A rich but subtle citrus fills the air just as the day breaks the land. Fields splashed with a golden hue; the Bergamots signal the beginning of a Golden Harvest for two.

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Egyptian Geranium and Rose Clay soap is natural artisan soap

Desert Rose

Midday heat sends ripples of energy from the soil in Egypt like a drum. A green path between uneven hills gives way to roots deep within. Pockets of life are unseen but bring truth to the surface. A single Geranium finds comfort beneath the solar energy. Warming petals splash the breeze with floral mystery. A resilient beauty rising above ten shades of amber, the Desert Rose signals tomorrows tambour.

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clary sage and charcoal is natural artisan soap

Electric Rain

The air weighs heavy and a calm silences the afternoon songbird in Moldova. Clouds darken and sweep the valley in a blanket of deep purple and gray. Fields of Clary Sage persuaded by the gusts of rolling thunder. Sky kisses race to the ground and force us to stay. Why run from nature’s power? Electric Rain awakens the hour.  

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We are artisans that take soap seriously. Want to know what makes us different? Read our About page for the important facts. Discover more about the type of oils that we stand behind at Natural Handmade Soap – All About the Oil.

Rannae D

An artisan and writer.

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