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Aquatic Milkweed – Florida Wildflowers Wednesday

It’s Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday! The flower of the week is the Aquatic Milkweed. This flower is a native perennial, also known as Asclepias perennis (botanical name). A prime food source for the Monarch Butterfly, this flower blooms a pale pink almost all-year long in the northern half of Florida. According to the experts, we find this stalky flower around moist land features such as swamps, river edges, and marshes. Although it loves wet areas, this is a brilliant companion to any garden scape and a vital addition for butterflies and other insects. This flower reaches a height of 30 inches with small hoodlike petals in small clusters. Help save the Monarch butterfly by planting these beautiful wildflowers.

To read more about the difference between a weed and a wildflower, try Wildflower and Weeds – What’s the Difference.

The botanical name perennis means ‘through the year.’ Named for its unusually long blooming period.

aquatic milkweed wildflower
White Florida Wildflower – Aquatic Milkweed

If you want to learn more about Florida wildflowers, you can start here, Florida’s Native Wildflowers | Florida Wildflower Foundation ( Check back next week for another Florida Wildflower’s Wednesday!

Did you like this Wildflower Wednesday focus? Inspired by nature? Leave a comment and let me know! Read the Yellow Nicker to learn about another beautiful flower.

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