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A Plastic Earth

Welcome to a plastic Earth. Did you know a single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decompose? That’s terrifying! You and 30+ generations of your family will still see the same plastic bag. If that doesn’t prove how horrid plastic is on the environment, what will? Nowadays, plastic is one of those materials that’s hard to escape from. Not only is it cheap and easy to manufacture, it’s strong too. Making it one of the least likely man-made materials to leave the planet in a better place.

The damaging product is everywhere. As long as the demand for plastic continues to be strong, manufacturers have no reason to find alternative means. Even when we try to challenge ourselves and purchase less or recycle it, plastic continues to exist in extreme quantities. If not the manufacturing extent, cities, states, counties, and countries should invest more resources into recycling, re-using, and reduction measures. In the meantime, there are a few ways you can help limit the effects on the planet now.

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  • Invest money into green businesses
  • Purchase product from companies that promise eco-friendly packaging
  • Petition for local recycling programs if you don’t have one in place

Time’s up

Experts state that plastic decomposition can occur quicker than 1000 years, maybe 500 years, if sun exposure is constant. Well, let’s be honest. Plastic bags, or most any plastic waste, does not find itself in the sun’s exposure for very long. This waste finds its way into the soil and oceans. Animals suffocate by it, eat it by mistake, and a large amount of microscopic particles poison animals. Do we really have this much time to wait for decomposition? There has to be a now solution.

Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Prepare yourself if you haven’t. Read about it here, Great Pacific Garbage Patch | National Geographic Society The facts are disturbing. Not only are the animals unknowingly eating it, when we eat the animals, we are now ingesting microscopic plastic particles. The vicious cycle has turned back on us, threatening our own health and future. We only have one Earth.

The Modest Wildflower brand keeps the environment in mind. From the safe and natural ingredients used in each product, to the eco-friendly packaging. Having a smaller footprint on the planet is a need. Also, being a voice for cleaner living is a passion. Check out our new store for natural soap and other eco-friendly products.

Think and live green. Demand change. Shop eco-friendly businesses. Hold eachother accountable.

Did you ignore the litter or did you pick it up? We all have to work together to solve the plastic problem. How do you minimize your plastic waste? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, then head over to Eco-Friendly Ideas for Healthier Living.

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