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A Modest Shop

A modest shop pulling inspiration from nature and a need for clean and healthy, personal care products. October 1st marks the opening day of an important journey. Our journey started with a mindset that natural handmade products are admired and desired, and not just for hobbies. Where attention to detail means a lot more than the simple words on a package. Where purchasing a product is not just a purchase, but experiencing the story behind its creation and the personal experience it takes you on. When the time and passion that is put into creating something is recognizable from the moment each product is open. When sharing ideas and personal motivations for cleaner products, move people and create community.

Ar-ti-san – A person who creates something, typically by hand, in limited quantities and often using traditional techniques.

It’s in the vision

A modest shop with clear vision. We focus Modest Wildflower products on three key goals.

  • First – small batch. Small batches are a method of controlling the process with the tiniest of detail and focusing on the areas that matter, not mass production.
  • Second – zero waste. Being able to create a natural product takes time, wrapping the product in eco-friendly materials takes creativity and responsibility. Limiting the waste footprint on the Earth is a must, especially if the health of the environment directly affects the ingredients used in creating our products.
  • Third – vegan ingredients. High quality, nature derived ingredients are important factors. We cherish the fact that all our ingredients are not tested on animals and are ethically sourced. Every ingredient matters. We cut soap bars, not quality corners.

The shop is open, and we’re excited. Take a peek at the Modest Wildflower Shop or read more at our About page. Have a question or want to chat? We like that too. Inspiration is easy when nature brings all possibility.

Rannae D

An artisan and writer.

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